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1.0 Introduction Business is generally known as an organisation, either as an individual or society that involved in the trade of goods, services, or both to consumers. As a whole, a business is doing commercially viable and profitable work. The business world has moral that to survive in the industry to make money and gain a face value and thus increase their share value or profit. To do this many companies are working towards it. In order to gain continuous respect in the business world, corporations take on a responsibility to assure the people of a country that this particular company not just sells several products but also does something for the nation in return. This corporate self-regulation is known as the Corporate Social…show more content…
Their strategy for delivering their astuteness is based on Growth, Productivity, Responsibility and building a Winning Organization. These four majors are related to each other, and imperative for carrying the profit growth and long term business sustainability. As mentioned in the BAT’s social report 2012, although the product that they sell is harmful, as their product causes real risk to health, but people still buy it. BAT tries to keep people away from smoking by writing a warning quote in the packet. This shows their social responsibility in the socio-economic view, which means they will be selling the product and telling the people to stay away from it. It is proven that cigarette smoking is a cause of serious and fatal diseases and the only way to avoid the health risks associated with tobacco products is to not use them (Pain et al, 2012). Therefore, BAT has a responsibility to seek to reduce the health risks of their products. BAT started clinical trials of a cigarette designed in 2011 to reduce the harm caused by existing products. 300 volunteers in Germany took part in the first six-week trial, which shows that prototypes substantially reduced exposure to some “toxicants” in tobacco smoke (Pain et al, 2012). This research is being taken very seriously by BAT as they believe in reducing smokers’ exposure to cigarette
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