Bat Mitzvah Ceremony

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People like to think that a Bat Mitzvah is just a huge party. But it is quite the opposite and has so much more to it. It is a time of celebration, of a girl becoming a woman in the eyes of her community. This event has much symbolic importance and all the traditional foods, rituals, and costumes all have an important meaning behind them. Firstly, Bat Mitzvah (daughter of commandant) have a great history. The modern Jews wanted to start marking the event when a girl become a woman. The Bar Mitzvah ceremony, designed for men, was a model for the Bat Mitzvah. The very first Bat Mitzvah took place in The United States in 1922 when Rabbi Moroder Gail Kaplan, the founder of Reconstructionism (it is more modern thinking than reform…show more content…
This time was chosen because it was believed this was the time when a girl starts her journey of growing up and becoming a woman. The people who would be invited are family members, friends, and whoever the Bat Mitzvah wanted to be there. For the ceremony , it could be held anywhere. One does not need a Rabbi (Jewish teacher who studies and teachers the laws of Jews) for this, but most people have this ceremony at a synagogue on a Saturday morning of the Torah reading that follows the child’s birthday. Before the event, the child will take Hebrew lessons to understand the message of the Torah. The father is called for an Aliyah(being asked to read the Torah) before the Bat Mitzvah starts. The young lady then goes up to the front and reads the last few lines of Maftir and the Haftarah which are the last parts of the Torah. This is then followed by a D’vas. During the D’vas, they often just thank people around them who have helped them and also talk about who they are. A speech is given to the daughter from the parents. The family hostess a celebration, gather which should have a seudat Mitzvah( festive meal). (“Celebrating the Bar Mitzvah”) Gift-giving is traditional at a Bat Mitzvah. Girls might receive religious or educational books, religious items, or money. Money gifts in multiples of eighteen are considered good luck (Wiener ). Eighteen is the numerical value of the Hebrew word "chai" which…show more content…
Another ritual can found at the Bat Mitzvah party when the candle lighting takes place. This is when the girls would have family member who come and light a candle on the cake and she would give a short speech on the family member she called up. The first candle is dedicated to the dead family members. During the Hora (being hoisted up in a chair) all of the guest will get up and starts dancing around the girl (What Happens At a Bar Mitzvah Party?). The music that will be played during the Hora is Hava Nagila. The purpose of this dances is to honor the Bat Mitzvah (Kaplan). When attending a Bat Mitzvah at a synagogue, if a person is a man, he must put on a yarmulke ( the skullcap worn Conservative Jewish males in the synagogue) because it is traditional to do as such in a synagogue. If the men does not have one, there will be some for him at the synagogue. It is trationa to wear a yarmulke because it is to remind the men, YHWH is greater than
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