Batch Reactor Essay

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Kinetics of De-esterification for Synthesis of Benzoic Acid

Shane Bulk
Chris Crosley
David McGuire
Max Skula
Yunjing Song
Shriram Sundarraj
Nelson Zhou

155:416 Process Laboratory II
Professor Jerry Sheinbeim
January 28 – February 28, 2014

The observed reaction that took place in this experiment was the de-esterification of ethyl benzoate to form benzoic acid. This experiment was used to determine the rate constant k of the synthesis of benzoic acid at different temperatures and ethanol concentrations. The reaction was carried out in a batch reactor, where ethyl benzoate was added to a mixture of water, ethanol, and sodium hydroxide. The agitation speed of the batch reactor was kept
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Another objective was to calculate the pre-exponential factor based on the activation energy from the experimental values. These values were compared to literature and previous group’s results in order to draw conclusions and suggest alternatives.

2.2 Theory
The design equation is based on an isothermal Batch reactor. Given the constant volume used in the system, the rate of reaction can be explained
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