Bates Nomination Letter

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Samantha Bates - I would give Samantha Bates a 5 because she was super helpful throughout the whole process. She made it easy to get things done because she went with the flow, while also voicing her opinion.

Sean Casey I would give Sean Casey a 4 because he was helpful once he posted his nomination letter. However, since his nomination letter was a bit late it made it difficult for us to make a group decision. He worked on quite a few slides for us.

I thought Jonna Erwin was supposed to be in our group according to blackboard but I never once heard from her. She never posted her nomination letter or anything else to the discussion board. I honestly forgot she was in our group since she never contributed. I would say if she was supposed to be in our group for this project then I would give her a 0 since she didn't do anything.
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Even though her computer was having trouble she was still able to contribute. She was also always willing to help with anything that needed to be done.

I would give Bryce Lawless a 5, although his nomination letter was late due to a death in his family. As soon as he could he posted to the discussion board to ask what he missed, how he could help, and then even jumped right in with slides.

I would definitely give Jaycee Lee a 5. She was SO helpful when it came to the decision process after the nomination letters were posted. Jaycee always offered to help anyone who needed the help. She even posted Sherry's information to the slides when Sherry's computer was having issues.

At first we all planned on working on slides individually but once we got ours done, then we would ask the others if they needed help. So in the end we all contributed to the powerpoint
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