Batesville: A Short Story

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One day my friend Kayla and her mom came by my house. It was a pleasant spring day in my hometown of Batesville. Kayla’s mom drove a blue Explorer. When they arrived, I almost did not recognize who they were because I was used to seeing Kayla’s mom’s old red car. As Kayla and her mom came up the sidewalk, my mom greeted them with welcoming arms. When Kayla and her mom came in and sat down in our living room downstairs, my mom brought out the warm chocolate chip cookies that she had made just thirty minutes before. Kayla’s mom says, “Annette these are delicious. Where did you get the recipe from?”. She was very pleased with my mom’s cookies. When Kayla tasted her cookie she said, “JaClara these cookies taste like the ones Mrs. Shields brought…show more content…
My backyard was very spacious with lots of grass while two big oak trees hovered above the fence that enclosed our back yard. There were, at least, four different birds in the oak tree to the most right of my backyard. I asked Kayla,” Do you want to climb up into the trees to see the birds better?” She replied with,” Sure, I would love to but my mom told me not to get into trouble.” I assured her that she would not get into trouble because my mom had told me the same thing right before they had come over so I was going to make sure that she nor I got into any trouble. I had been trying to get up into the oak tree in my back yard for about a week. I started trying to climb the tree when I say a red Cardinal on the edge of the branch. I started up the tree. I gripped my feet on the long tree roots of the oak tree and continued to hold tight on my way up the oak…show more content…
It felt like such a daring thing to do. I landed bottom first on top of the bags of leaves. Then it was Kayla’s turn. She said, “I cannot do this. I am scared.” I told her, “if you do not jump down right now, your mother is going to get you.” As I said those words. she went bottom first into the bags of leaves. When she had landed on the bags of leaves she was laughing so hard that she cried. I joined her in the laugher. We laid on the bags of leaves for about a good ten minute before we went around to the front of the house where Kayla’s mom was parked. When her mom saw us, she asked, “Where have you two been?” Kayla and I both burst out in smiles saying, “nowhere.” When Kayla went to hug her mother, her mother said, “you need a bath because you smell just like the outdoors.” Memories like these are rare and truly
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