Bathroom Rights For Transgender Individuals

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Bathroom Rights for Transgender Individuals
Josephine Do
HDE 110
February 2, 2017

Bathroom Rights for Transgender Individuals Transgender rights and policies have always been an ongoing debate. In the article, “Bathroom Battlegrounds and Penis Panics,” Schilt and Westbrook (2015) argued that in order to push gender equality forward, we must consider the rights of transgender people by allowing them to have access to bathrooms that support their gender identity rather than their biological sex. In doing so, authors believed that it would make progress in alleviating discrimination against transgender people. However, in this conscious effort to fight for transgender rights and their access to sex-segregated spaces,
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Not only did the authors believe that opponents are using these claims to support their arguments, they also believed that it placed stereotypes on men or an imagined male, to be threats and women to be weak and in need of protection. Schilt and Westbrook argued that opponents did not take into account that transgender individuals report facing an immense amount of discrimination and are in need of protection as well. They also argued that their opponent’s claims “generate fear and misunderstanding around transgender people along with the suggestion that transgender people are less deserving of protection than cisgender women and children (Bathroom Battlegrounds and Penis Panics, para. 6).” Although they mentioned that they were not suggesting that sexual assault is not a serious issue, they argued that public restrooms rarely have such assaults. In addition, they argued that based on empirical data, transgender people in the Unites States are much more likely to face violence rather than creating it. They also emphasized that their opponents were not able to site these claims of an actual case of bathroom sexual assault, rather that it was just from their deep-rooted cultural fears. Schilt and Westbook pointed out that prior to the Victorian era, men and women were using the same privies and outhouses,
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