Batik Bentenan

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1. Business Description Bentenan fabric is the North Sulawesi traditional fabric that developed into two types: Bentenan woven fabric and Bentenan print fabric, that produces in Bentenan Center located in Kolongan Atas II, Sonder Minahasa that managed by Karema Foundation (Kreasi Masyarakat Sulawesi Utara). This is a currently existing company in form of Foundation in which there is cooperation among some people that have same purpose to raise and conserve the North Sulawesi traditional fabric. This business was producing and selling Bentenan fabric that already tested by North Sulawesi people and also some people outside North Sulawesi. Besides, this business already had supplier arrangement and some workers and staffs. This business…show more content…
For this export business, we only will export apparel products for woman specifically adult woman or carrier woman such as gown, dress, long dress, suite, etc that should contain woven fabric. We will cooperate with national fashion designer such as Oscar Lawalata. We choose him because he really like and concern about woven fabric development. He already made some apparel products by woven fabric from Bali and Nusa Tenggara and generated some fashion show for woven fabric products. We choose national designer also to promote and raise Indonesia human resource in fashion in world fashion industry. All the models and combinations or materials using are up to our designer. But we still have some control under the products model and innovation and the products should contain Bentenan woven fabric although he may use some combinations with other fabrics or materials. 1.1. Industry Overview Textile and apparel industry give a great contribution to the national economy especially for Indonesia. The whole industry of textile and apparel employ 2.4 million people in 2009 and the export value keep increasing in this latest 10 years, and for 2009 the export value reach US$ 9.26 billion. While its branch fashion industry has value about 20% from the total export of textile and apparel products. It makes this industry remained as Indonesia 's second largest export earner in non oil and gas sector. Besides, the Indonesia government really
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