Batman Interrogation Scene Micro Essay

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Batman interrogation scene micro essay

My Microfeatures:
1. Sound - Sound is key throughout this particular scene, in fact throughout many movies themselves. Without it there would be no tension, an aspect which is needed to make the scene that special and intense. Sound helps emphasise a feeling or emotion and this scene has done that brilliantly. Throughout my micro analysis I'll be analysis both non diegetic and diegetic sound to help emphasise the point that music helps us dictate how we are meant to feel throughout he piece.
2. Costume/mise en scene - Without costume Batman wouldn’t be Batman and The Joker wouldn’t be this menacing leader that he is but instead a representation of a playing card (goofy, funny and civil.) It's what defines him as the psychotic maniac that we've grown to love over the course of the film. It to plays a main part within the film.
3. Lighting - Thirdly lighting helps us to see things for what they really are, helps people stand out from the crowd, helps emphasises the good between the bad, which is exactly what it does throughout the film. Lighting, Costume and sound are key parts of this film, particularly this scene. They can change moods, make us feel something without even coming to a realization as to why. The difference in colour saturation/tone of lighting can make a scene feel dark yet at the same time can make things look peaceful and bright. The change from quiet to loud

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