Batman Is A Hero

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Heroes are admired by the people for their courage, bravery and ability to fight for not themselves but for the good of the citizens and city. Heroes are categorized with super powers and rich and fame, but, there’s then a special type of hero that does not need all the fame and super powers to defend what he knows what is right. Bruce Wayne, as Batman, is a hero that defends Gotham from evil intruders that try and cause havoc in the city. Batman, protects the citizens and protects the safety of everyday life for all.

Superheroes are thought to have powers that make them immortal to others, Batman is unique, Bruce Wayne is mortal and has no superpowers. Batman is a highly trained character that went through stages of martial arts to defend himself and the people around him. Villains like the Joker cause havoc in the city and creates mind games that Batman has to trace and follow to take down evil. wayne’s background of his detective skills and prior knowledge of the situation at fault gives Bruce the chance to track down who is behind the trouble to Gotham. Batman’s knowledge and skill helps him be a successful hero to many to also make many feel safe where they are.

The intimidation and appearance Batman consists of causes a fear factor in his villains to constantly fear where he is at all times. In his
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Some key people that helped Bruce along his successful career were Alfred Pennyworth, Commissioner James Gordon and Lucius Fox. The loyalness to these characters helped Batman along his way to success in Gotham. His butler, Alfred, raised Bruce since childhood after both his parents died. Commissioner James Gordon would help give information to Batman through legal actions of the police. Lastly, Lucius Fox would invent technology for Batman to stay safe in combat and to create vehicles to get around Gotham as quick as he
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