Batman Vigilante Essay

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Is Batman a Vigilante or a Hero? In the world of superheroes, there are many that believe they are heroes, while in actuality, they are merely vigilantes. This is most prominently seen in Batman. Batman presents himself as a hero, while he is only an over imaginative vigilante. He is more a vigilante than a hero because he has the ability to stop crime but doesn’t, he only does things for his own benefit, and he helps the law but isn’t part of it. These are only a few ways Batman is a vigilante, instead of a hero. These are mainly based upon the idea of him trying to hard to right his own past. Batman is more of a vigilante than a hero because he has the ability to stop crime but doesn’t. He goes about “protecting” the city…show more content…
While Batman was still Bruce Wayne, his parents were killed by a soon to be supervillain, this caused him to have an alternative motive to become a “hero.” For example Captain America fight crime and serves the city for the people not for his own benefit. Batman might seem like he is doing what hero is supposed to do, but he is merely trying to avenge his parents death. “ Police are perplexed, worried the group will turn into vigilantes and doubt that the superhero policy is ever stopped any crime,” (source A). This is the same with Batman; the police do not know what to make of him but are worried that he will get himself in trouble. Batman might seem like he is doing things for others, yet he does them for himself. Though Batman tries to be portrayed as a hero, he is only a vigilante because he helps the law, but is not a part of it. This means that he goes around fighting crime, but is not a member of the police force or other civil duties that go around vanquishing crime. While he wants to be acknowledged as a hero that saves the day and is praised for his work he only gets in the way of actual civil officers who are trying to do their jobs. “ Our concern is if it goes badly, then we end up getting called anyway, and we may have additional victims,” (source A) and “ Obviously law enforcement officials don’t recommend bystanders “clock” supposed to bank thieves, (source D). In both of these instances the police
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