Batman Vs Superman Hero's Journey

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Isn’t it odd that almost all male protagonists in books and films have major daddy issues or masculine personalities? Or that the male always loses a friend or family member just before going on a quest, for revenge, or to bring back a captured friend? This is the start of what is called the hero’s journey, the rest goes accordingly: meets mentors, enters katabasis, object is found, returns home. This cycle portrays the whole plotline of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This film follows second to Man of Steel. It’s summery brings Batman, Bruce Wayne, to reconcile with the dilemmas from Superman in Man of Steel. Who like Lex Luther, ultimately wants Superman, Clark Kent, rid of earth. Before, in Man of Steel Clark defeats General Zod,…show more content…
Batman sees the destruction of Superman and Zod who happened to have the same powers as Superman because they were from the same planet, Krypton. Then Superman acknowledges that Batman has a brutal kind of justice and wants to get him through his work at the news network, Daily Planet. I also found connections to their progressions in the film. Bruce starts off wanting to kill Clark, and along the way he finds Wonder Woman, according to the end of the movie, Bruce realizes that Superman is good for humanity because he sacrificed his life by killing the mutant. In turn, Superman comes to Batman’s aid because he saved his mother from Lex Luther. Both characters have arisen to be friends, and understand that they both need each other. Extra elements from the journey is the fact that the object that was almost used to kill Clark by Bruce’s hand is the object found by Lois to destroy the mutant and sadly Superman. Through this scene we recognize that there are two katabasis’, one is the fight scene where Superman is almost killed by the bat, and the other is when they both fight the mutant together. Unlike Man of Steel, Batman v Superman does in fact depart from the natural hero’s journey. Because we’ve determined that there are several duplicating elements of the journey, already the story departs from the cycle. When the cycle is altered, is tricky to pin point, though I’d have to say it is after the capital building explodes. This leads Bruce to steal

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