Batman as a Cultural Artefact

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Since his creation, readers and viewers have admired Batman's unique ability to battle villainy, transcend the law and administer justice. As cultivators of the noir genre in film as well as in literature, Americans have always identified with this enigmatic hero, who exists on the margins of society and yet represents one of the largest corporations in the world. The evolution of Batman in particular and the superhero genre in general (from comic book to television to film and back again) has seen in the latest adaptation from Christopher Nolan's Batman revamp a veritable tilting point for the character once known as the World's Greatest Detective. This paper will analyze why Batman is an important cultural artifact of our day, how he came into being, what he means for society, and how he will be treated in the future.
Batman originally began as a DC Comics' detective a superhero quite different from the one envisioned by Nolan and company today. Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in 1939 for Detective Comics, and for more than two decades it depicted a hero defined by his mystery-solving techniques and cast of quirky characters against whom his braininess and eccentric costume could be balanced (along with his knack for solving crimes). Needless to…

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