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! ! ! ! ! MEMORANDUM To: Boss From: Re: American Dream Analysis Date 12/5/2014 Subject: Local Union P-9 vs Hormel Meat packing Company. Preparation is key when it comes to negotiating an agreement and a prefect example would be the Hormel Company vs the Local Union P-9 workers(meat packing). The Local Union and Hormel Company both were placed at the negotiation table due to wage cut and “unfair treatment” that was conducted by the management team. This disagreement caused the Local Union to rally up members from the meat packing department that influence the workers and workers from other factories to go on strike. During this negotiation both parties made a few mistakes that are costly and time consuming. Hormel Company…show more content…
Hormel company had their BATNA in placed and their anchor points and also presented their solid reservation point, which allowed them to have the upper hand around the negotiation table. Even though Hormel company had their alternatives and had the ability to replace their workers there was no Justificability. They did not consider their reputation, assuming that in the future they will be seated at at table negotiating with another company. They also did not take into consideration that these workers had families that could cause the public to stop buying their products. Also they allowed the negotiation to go on for many weeks that would cause a permanent damage financially and damage of reputation for the face for the meat industry. To avoid a long drawn out negotiation the first thing that both party need to do is prepare and know their BATNA. doing as much research as possible simple by trying to know your counterpart partners. In the case on Hormel and the Local unions, the style of negotiations were competitive, however the proper approach towards this case should to have a cooperative style to come to a WIN, WIN agreement. Also a key factor both parties forgot to take into consideration is that your reputation is valuable and makes a difference how people will view you in future agreements. The Preparation, BATNA, Reservation Point and Style is the best strategy to bring conclusion to a negotiating an
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