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1. What are the organizational development challenges you face as the new brigade commander? What are three things you can do to address these issues and develop the brigade as a learning organization? Since my departure from this brigade two and a half years ago the brigade has changed in the wrong direction. While I was assigned it was a functioning brigade, which worked together as a cohesive unit, free of spiteful competition. I would immediately think back and drafts a plan of attack which focused on many of those things that made the brigade great at that time. I have several organizational issues which need immediate attention. Although the brigade transformed into an HBCT fairly well, including conducting this transformation…show more content…
Once that is done, I’ll use that to formulate my plan to reorganize and transform the brigade back into what it once was. I will take into account the historical records and the CALL and CAL. It is also important to mention, that some of the Soldiers will be affected by the loss of the former commander and I must take all the steps necessary to ensure mental and spiritual well-being are addressed. In an attempt to fix the climate, I’ll consult with the Command Sergeant Major on ways to build Esprit d’ corps and comradery amongst the units. I will incorporate ways that will have immediate impact on all the units. I will instill social leader calls at the all ranks club on Friday’s. In doing this, I should be able to start bringing back the cross talk between units and reinstitute open command exchange or collaboration, thus re-energizing units from within to fix their own issues and problems. Further, by working together, they can also reduce demands on the brigade staff with small issues that could be handled between battalions and units. Once more, fixing the issue at the lowest level and not bringing it to the brigade’s attention unless needs be. The ethical climate will be fixed by some much needed moves of Soldiers. Soldiers will be identified and transferred around the brigade throughout the units, breaking up any problem areas or problem clicks. If this isn’t what is needed and a much more severe action needs to be

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