Battered Women 's Syndrome As A Legal Defense

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In this analysis, I will attempt to cover the basis of Battered Women’s Syndrome as a legal defense. This will cover the historical context of Battered Women’s Syndrome as a legal defense, which will of course require a brief review of what battered women’s syndrome is by using experts in the field, usually psychologists. When reviewing the historical context of such a subversive topic, it is essential to the structure that we look at actual cases involving battered women such as abuse being reported and cases that have actually been brought to trial as well as the ending verdicts as the factors that may have caused the outcome. We must also look at different cases as to which the defense was used, such as situations where a battered women’s husband was sleeping, or any other relative situation as to which there was question of the imminence of a threat.

An Empirical Political Analysis of Battered Women’s Syndrome as a Legal Defense
Before looking at the use of battered women’s syndrome as a legal defense, it would help to look at the definition of who exactly a battered woman is. In Daniel Saunders’ research of rates of husband and wife violence, he uses the term “battered women” in the broad sense to mean female recipients of any form of physical force that is intended to hurt. Therefore, Battered Women’s Syndrome is the name given to the measurable psychological changes that may occur after prolonged terms of abuse and is considered a subgroup of
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