Battery Powered Cars Automobiles Are Increasingly New Within The Auto Industry

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Battery powered automobiles are relatively new within the auto industry. Advancements in battery power technology along with the effect of gas emissions and crude oil prices have made battery power a more possible choice than ever before. Are battery powered cars marketable? That is the question that this research paper intends to answer. If battery power is a marketable alternative to gasoline power, what makes it profitable? Who is the target consumer? With the recent prices of oil, some people look to battery technology to save money. Along with that, people who are concerned with the environment and those who want cleaner air may choose battery power instead of gasoline power. These cars are not usually inexpensive, but in the long run they may save money. There are some downsides to battery powered vehicles. It takes electricity to charge a battery, which is not always available. One concern is the distance a battery powered car can go. Car companies are working on a network of charging stations that span across the country so battery powered car owners can charge their cars. As mentioned earlier, not everyone can afford such a car. They tend to be costly on the front end, so the consumer base is limited. This paper should address all of these issues and others to determine how marketable these cars currently are and how the future looks from a marketing standpoint. The Marketability of Battery Powered Cars When Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903, it would

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