Battery Storage Of Wind And Solar Power Grid Applications

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Spring 2016
WE 7000 D02, Dr. Sundari Ramabhotla
Research: Battery Storage in Wind & Solar power grid Applications

Kaheawa Wind Power [1]

Submitted by: Vinod Kumar Kakumanu - (R11356147)
1) Location of case study deployment:
In the island of Maui, Maalaea Town in West mountains, Hawaii, Unites States
2) What battery technology used?
Advanced Lead Acid Battery
3) Date/Year of Installation?
Phase -1: June 8, 2006
Phase -2: July 2, 2012
4) Whether Completed or an ongoing project?
This Project is Completed
5) Renewable sources involved?
Yes, Wind energy is used
Wind power:
Wind is a clean, powerful renewable energy source which can be used to convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy. Wind power uses large wind turbines rotated by air flow in turn rotates power generators to generate electricity. Many individual wind turbines can be connected to an electrical grid to transmit the power. Wind is an inexhaustible energy resource and environmental friendly compared to fossil fuel which has disastrous effects and finite [2].
Wind Power in Hawaii:
In unites states Hawaii is one of the state that depends mostly on fossil fuels for power generation. As fossil fuels are limited and have hazardous effects to environment, we have started to look at using renewable energy sources which are endless and produce clean energy. Hawaii has ample amount of wind to establish wind power generation plants which can generate power in megawatts to power the…
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