Battle Analysis On The Battle Of Bemis Heights

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Battle Analysis on the Battle of Bemis Heights
SSG Eric V. Ives
November 20, 2014

The Battle of Bemis Heights
The Battle of Bemis Heights was the second battle of what is commonly referred to as the Battle of Saratoga. “The Battle of Saratoga is one of the fifteen most decisive battles in the history of the world” (Creasy, 1851). This paper will provide an in depth battle analysis of the Battle of Bemis Heights and explain why the battle had such an impact. First, the paper will define the battle in terms of who was involved, when the battle was fought, and where the battle took place. Next, the setting of the battle will be examined and the opposing forces will be compared. The third thing will be a description of the action that occurred to include the opening moves, key events, the outcome, and the effects the outcome had on the overall result of the American Revolutionary War. The last thing to be addressed in this paper will be a possible alternative outcome to the battle.
The Battle of Bemis Heights is the second battle of the Battle of Saratoga and took place on October 7, 1777. This battle happened eighteen days after the British and German Hessians defeated the American Colonist in the Battle of Freeman’s Farm. The reason the two battles are referred to jointly as the Battle of Saratoga is the fact that the battles were fought in Saratoga County, New York. The site of these battles is located about twenty four miles north of Albany, New…
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