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Mission Command Analysis The Battle of Takur Ghar “Roberts Ridge” Operation Anaconda, 03 – 04 March 2002 CPT Michael A. Broussard PA-C SG 11, CCC 30 October 2014 1 Abstract In the late evening of March 3rd 2002, through to the evening of March 4th 2002, Special Operation Forces were engaged in an intense fire fight with al Qaeda forces on a mountain top known as Takur Ghar. This battle was the product of a botched reconnaissance insertion and ultimately resulted in a 24 hour fire fight and the deaths of 7 U.S. service members and over 200 al Qaeda fighters. Navy SEAL, Neil C. Roberts is believed to be the first U.S. casualty of this battle and thus, the battle also became unofficially known as “Roberts Ridge” (1). This paper will give…show more content…
The ramp gunner was tethered to the aircraft and was retrieved back inside by the remaining passengers. Roberts fell from the aircraft and was believed to still be alive as the aircraft was only 10 feet off of the ground at the time it came under fire. The helicopter was forced to crash land in the valley and now was 7 kilometers away from the mountain top. Roberts was now completely alone amongst an overwhelming enemy force and it is believed that he fought in place until he was eventually over run by the enemy (3). The downed SEALs were picked up by RAZOR 04 and at 0500, again attempted to reinsert at Roberts’ last known position. Now they were only a team of 5 with the addition of Air Force CCT Chapman. The aircraft was able to insert the team but again came under heavy fire and was also rendered mission incapable and had to fly back to its origin due to the damage that it sustained. The team moved to the high ground of the mountain engaging and killing 2 combatants, they then realized that they were standing in the middle of multiple bunkers as they came under heavy cross fire from only 20 meters away. Acoording to the official report, Chapman was fatally wounded almost immediately and 2 others would also become wounded as they attempted to break contact. An AC-130 was able to provide covering fire and enabled the SEALS to disengage. Wounded and

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