Battle During The Elizabethan Era

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Isaiah Zayas
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May 12, 2015
Battles During Elizabethan Era In the 1500’s there was a period in time six years before Shakespeare was born Queen Elizabeth took thrown and became queen of England. It was like the most recognized era in the English history , the era was most recognized because of so many things that happened that were important to the English. Other reasons why it was important was of the plays that took plays in the theaters that were composed by many people especially William Shakespeare. When Queen Elizabeth 1 became queen there was violence that broke out against the Protestant and Catholics, but she stopped the problem by making concessions to the Catholics. There was a couple majored problems for the British during the Elizabethan Era, the English have went into three wars the two other wars that didn 't last that long, but there was one war that lasted about eighteen years. There are a couple of reasons why the Anglo-Spanish War started was because of the economy and religion reasons, like Britain hated the Catholics . Spanish explorers set out to the New World and came back with the ship filled with gold and silver that they got from the New World, America. Britain sent pirates to go rob the spanish vessels filled with gold and silver some of the famous pirates were Francis Drake, mostly he was the one robbing the vessels.This angered the Spanish and they went to war against Britain. This war was the longest and between…
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