Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother By Amy Chua

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Amy Chua, Yale Law School professor and author of “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”, begins her article by questioning and explaining the secret to the success commonly seen among children raised by Chinese mothers. Amy Chua’s opinion piece gives compelling, though fairly biased and subjective, insight into the parenting styles of Chinese mothers. Before delving into possible answers, Chua explains that she uses the terms “Chinese mother” and “Western parents” loosely to distinguish the cultural values and parenting styles. Chua then gets to her explanation as to why Chinese mothers raise such stereotypically successful children. Chua notes that “Chinese parents understand that nothing is fun until you’re good at it” (306),…show more content…
As Lulu kicks and screams – and even rips up the music score – Chua threatens to take away lunch and dinner, then Christmas presents, then birthday parties. She tells Lulu to “stop being lazy, cowardly, self-indulgent, and pathetic” (308). Chua’s husband disagrees with her methods, but despite her husband’s comments, Chua goes right back to her tactics. Finally, Lulu excitedly and repeatedly plays the piece correctly. Chua’s narrative ends with a statement that Lulu cuddled with her that night, that Lulu’s piano recital went exceptionally well, and that even her skeptical husband gave credit to Chua for her part in Lulu’s piano success story. Chua mentions that there is an abundance of books which portray Chinese mothers negatively, but that Chinese mothers actually often believe that they care more about their children than Western parents. She concludes by explaining that parents, whether they are Chinese or Western, all want the best for their children. Western parents and Chinese mothers just have a very different way of parenting. In her piece, Chua offers a question which she answers in a couple of ways. Realizing that Chinese and Western societies have different values is fundamental to the differing parenting styles. By listing three reasons that Chinese mothers can get away with behaviors that Western parents cannot, Chua crystallizes the varied cultural values. Her ability to categorize such a

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