Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua

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In the book, it is mentioned that Chua sets rules and restrictions, such as no sleepovers, practising music instruments every day, etc. As a result, her daughters achieve excellent grades in schools (Goodin ¶2-3). Chua’s parenting style is categorized as authoritarian. In Hong Kong, Chua’s style is popular. Parents put a lot of pressure on their children. Starting from primary level, children are asked to attend extra tutorials. From the parents’ eyes, “Practice makes perfect”. Hence, children will become more competitive. However, westerners oppose her methods. Some believe that giving no freedom to children is not conducive to one’s academic performance.

Around the globe, there are various studies regarding the relationship between parenting styles and academic achievement. In the report, two common parenting approaches shall be reviewed. Moreover, an ideal approach would be introduced.

In the Chinese society, harsh and stern parenting styles are commonplace. Parents believe that authoritarian parenting style is effective in boosting children’s academic performances. Parents who practise authoritarianism set higher standards and tend to control children through shaming and punishing (Dewar ¶33). When children receive poor grades, parents use blunt vocabulary in order to humiliate their children because they believe that children’s morale…
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