Battle Of Beaufort

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Register to read the introduction…Beaufort survived and continued fighting leaving him with 19 wounds.The battle was known as "The Battle Of Malaga".(irishscientists.tripod.) A bullet was left in his lungs causing him chest pain through-out his life. While recovering he lend a hand to his brother in law with discovering the telegraph line from Dublin to Galway.In 1812 he charted the Turkish coast. As well as writing a book titled "karamania" based on his experiences on this expedition in 1817.( When he was 55 he was the hydrographer to the Royal Navy, he was in the position until the age of 81.(irishscientists.tripod.) In his time working there he commissioned voyages to survey and chart parts of the world. This helped Charles Darwin to sail with Captain Robert Fitzory on the Beagle. Beaufort was possibly best remembered for the table for estimating the force of wind velocities at sea The Beaufort Scale. It was scale the ranged from clam(0)- storm(13). it was first used in 1831 by Robert Fitzory. Beaufort had this idea for many years as the first recording of the Beaufort wind scale was in his journal in
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