Battle Of Britain Analysis

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Trench Kids
After evaluating the image called Battle of Britain, many could conclude that the children were intrigued by what was going on around them while they were in the center of the war, and that each child was innocent yet greatly affected by the aftermath of the war. All in all, this image portrays the struggles the children faced trying to understand what was going on around them, living in a world surrounded by war and violence, and how it affected the people who lived in Britain during this hard time, especially the young children of Britain.
The first thing that pops out to people when looking at this image, is the position of the children. All of the children are looking up at the sky. One young boy has his hands above his eyes trying
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We can only imagine how hard it must be to be a young child during the time of war. Not only did they have to deal with all of the fighting going on around them, but there was nothing they could do about it. They could not help fight because they were too young, and they could not leave where the fighting was happening because their parents were most likely involved in the war. They were placed into a trench to keep them safe, but how safe could they really have been? They were in street clothes and had no protection otherwise. I also found it neat that they were able to capture black and white images during the war. The color of the picture can add an ominous feeling, the dark colors portray how it was a dark time filled with many deaths and tragedies. This picture and other ones similar to it provided good information on what it was like during that time in history. For example, how civilians were in the middle of the fighting, what the trenches looked like, and what the children looked like. Children today definitely do not look anything like the children back at this time, they are dressed differently, and their overall appearance is
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