Battle Of Britain Research Paper

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After sweeping through and forcing surrender upon many European nations, including Poland and France, Germany was ready to take on Great Britain in a battle that would showcase Germany’s first signs of weakness and lack of momentum, the Battle of Britain. At the conclusion of the Battle of France, The Soviet Union was next on Germany's list of victims, assuming the British would surrender to Adolf Hitler as Great Britain was the only Allied Power left unconquered in Europe.. Winston Churchill failed to agree to an armistice with Adolf Hitler and the German Luftwaffe quickly began to close in on the British with airstrikes after France had surrendered to the Germans on June 18th, 1940.

After the battle between the two countries began in early July of 1940, both Germany and Great Britain suffered heavy loses to men and resources, but Germany temporarily prevailed as the German Luftwaffe launched a massive air attack in London on September 7th, 1940. This advantage that the Germans held was temporary as the British RAF danced through the fields of Kent and disposed of hundreds of German Messerschmitt aircraft in attacks that followed in late September of the same year. As the battle continued,
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Germany’s poor execution in the Battle of Britain can be blamed on many factors, including the weakness of the German Luftwaffe after their attack on France and Norway, and the German’s lack of a plan for battle. Germany was unprepared for the Battle of Britain and leaped into airstrikes despite having little knowledge of the British Royal Air Force strategy and vulnerabilities, leading to their ultimate failure in the battle. On top of this, the British Royal Air Force had top rated pilots and updated plane technology, allowing the British to excel in precision and avoid fatal errors in a more efficient manner than the German
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