Battle Of Bunker Hill

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Natalie Shumate
8th Grade English
November 24, 2015
Battle of Bunker Hill

What would it be like to go to Bunker Hill? What would it be like to go to Breed's Hill? Well, there was a battle called “Battle of Bunker Hill” that is a famous battle in history. The Battle of Bunker Hill has many leaders, causes, effects and events that lead to fight.

There were very few causes. Well to begin with, says that Prescott, one of the Patriots leaders, heard that the British were coming.So Prescott got prepared. Although different sites say different causes. states that the British were threatening the Patriots. So of course, the patriots were determined to win. There were also many men in this battle. According to the text, The American Revolution, confirms Washington sent 1,000 men to defend for Bunker Hill. He ignored orders and decided to fight for Breed’s Hill, which was closer to the Boston Harbor, 68.

There were main leaders on each side. For example, Encyclopedia Americana, says on the British side Thomas Gage and General Howe lead the soldiers. They ordered them to fire, get in columns, march and many more things. Howe was sent with 1,600 men to out-number the Patriots. There was also a man named Artemas Ward and he made an
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