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The rather grave period from 1861-1865 was known as the Civil War. The Civil War stands as an American phenomenon and important significance to the history of our country (qtd. in Stout, “Baptism in Blood”). One of the bloodiest and most notorious battles occurred in 1863, and was known as the Battle of Chancellorsville. The battle was fought from April 30 to May 6, 1863, and was considered one of the Confederacy’s greatest victories as well as, arguably, the best victory for General Robert E. Lee. Another significance of this battle is the death of the famous Stonewall Jackson, which devastated Lee. This essay will explain the events that happened during the 1863 Battle of Chancellorsville.

During the winter of 1862-1863, the Army of the Potomac was dismayed and in disarray after the brutal and crushing defeat of the Union at the Battle of Fredericksburg (Krick 197). There were many doubts from officers and
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Despite Hooker’s earlier claims that he had “the finest army on the planet,” they suffered more than 17,000 casualties, while Lee’s army suffered approximately 13,000 (“Battlefields of the Civil War”). Lee and Jackson were able to defy the low odds and eventually come out on top. As aforementioned, the battle of Chancellorsville was arguably Lee’s greatest victory, despite a nearly two-to-one ratio. Despite this, he was also devastated by the death of Jackson (“Battlefields of the Civil War”), his best friend, who had died from pneumonia after being injured. Some have said that Hooker’s downfall began right after the battle. During the Gettysburg campaign, he was relieved from his command and fought the rest of the war by the orders of General William Tecumseh Sherman (“Battlefields of the Civil War”). He died in 1879 due to, rumors have put it, his own injuries during Chancellorsville. This battle helped to prove that, despite all odds, it is possible to come out on

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