Battle Of Crete : The Battle For Crete

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Battle for Crete
The battle of Crete occurred due to various causes and consequences including the enormous demand on the island by both the allies and the Axis. The battle began just after dawn on 20 May 1941. The air above was filled with parachutes as thousands of trained elite German Para troops began to drop from the skies. This was the beginning of the Battle for Crete. For 12 intense days the allies, New Zealanders, British, Australian and Greek troops, assisted by Cretan civilians, tried to fend off a huge airborne attack by the Axis. They were almost successful. Many New Zealanders made it off Crete, but thousands were left behind. The Cretans and the New Zealanders still remember this significant battle in New Zealand history.
Causes of the Battle for Crete
Crete’s strategic importance
The most important cause of the battle of Crete was the importance of Crete along with king George of Greece and his entourage. The retreat from Greece involved retreating from the Germans and Italians who were pursuing the allies, the allies then retreated to the island of Crete which was defendable with the right amount of soldiers. The island of Crete needed to be defended from the axis just as much as the axis wanted the island.
The island of Crete was wanted by the allies as the island contained two airfields which allowed the short ranged planes that were used during world war 2 to reach the Romanian oilfields and bomb them successfully. The largest refinery in
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