Battle Of Elsenborn Ridge Essay

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The Battle of Elsenborn Ridge was a definitive, but effortful, victory of the Battle of the Bulge. On the 16th of December 1944, the Battle of the Bulge officially commenced on Belgian grounds (Cole 331). Among its many, devastating battles, the Battle of Elsenborn Ridge remains the most compelling, due to the unwavering resilience of American forces. American artillery in this battle arose with relative force, effectively withstanding and deflecting German forces. Victory, in the Battle of the Bulge, eluded American forces until the fateful Battle of Elsenborn Ridge. This was due, primarily, to the adaptive repurposing of existing weaponry, and other timely innovations. The Americans established a rigid defensive line at Elsenborn Ridge, a portion of Belgian territory, which became the fortuitous target of German attacks on the Roderhohe and Kodenhovel. The Germans were pristinely equipped in this war and content in their capacity to expel American forces. However, their hopes were tarnished as American artillery erected a formidable defense on their attacks. The American military mounted a heap of Pozit fuze shells, proximity fuses, and artillery adapted to diffuse the German forces (Cole 361). These attacks proved highly destructive amid the sight of countless German and American casualties. Hence, German…show more content…
It is marked not only be its triumphant outcome, but by the artillery technologies strategically employed by the United States military. The dichotomy between contact fuses and the timely use of proximity fuses was a celebratory advancement in military weaponry at this time. This, combined with the foresight of forward observers, as well as fire artillery, proved exceedingly beneficial in this battle. Both sides were stricken with misery amid the frigid temperatures, and weather conditions obscured visibility to an enormous degree. In spite of this, the US proved

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