Battle Of Franklin : The Bloodiest War Ever

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Battle of Franklin General Schofield once said, “Hell had broke loose” (Cox 104). This battle of which he described is known as the bloodiest war ever. It all began when Hood lost the campaign. Hood tried to lure General Sherman into battle by interrupting his railroad supply. Along these railroad lines, there were many men set up there. So Sherman decided to take his chances by removing some of his men off of the railroad. This made Hood angry. This made him head to Tennessee (“The Battle of Franklin”). . On November twenty-first, General Hood and his Army of Tennessee left Florence, Alabama to go to Tennessee. Hood did not want to fight in Tennessee unless there were an equal number of men on both sides fighting. He wanted to “recapture Tennessee for confederacy” (“Battle of Franklin and Nashville). The Confederates had 33,000 men (“Franklin”). They also had many corp commanders: Cheatam, Stewart, Lee, and Forest (The Carter House). The Confederates also consisted of seven divisions: “Walthal’s, Loring’s, two brigades of French’s ( Sear’s and Cockrell’s) of Stewart’s corp, Brown’s. Cleboune’s, and Bathes’ of Cheatham’s Corpes” (Banks 49). These divisions were marched from Spring Hill to Franklin. These men were worn out. They were tired and exhausted which probably made them not ready for battle (Banks 49). They were not treated well: they were “ill-fed and ill-clothed” (Lent). Although Hood saw his army being slaughtered, he remembered the rules of warfare: “he was

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