Battle Of Gettysburg : Gettysburg Of The American Civil War

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ShaJuan Ervin
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Battle of Gettysburg Day 3
The Battle of Gettysburg is widely known as the largest battle of the American Civil War. This crucial battle occurred over three days, July 1st to July 3, 1863 surrounding the town of Gettysburg. In this battle, General Robert E. Lee tactfully awaited the forces of General Meade’s Union. On July 1st the Confederates were exploited by the Union resulting in a loss. The following day, the Confederates gained ground by conducting an assault on Union’s left flank. These concurring events would lead to July 3rd which resulted in bloody massacre of the Confederate’s and a tragic loss. The Battle of Gettysburg Day 3 is a demonstration of the importance of decision making, communication, lack of strategic understanding and certain principles of war.
This Battle displays the importance of decision making. On July 3, 1863 Robert E. Lee ordered a “frontal assault across a mile of open field against the strong center of the Union line.” Lee believed that the Confederates had come mighty close to victory on July 2, 1863 which led him to continue the offensive tasks in search of a breakthrough. In efforts to carry out his plan, he chose Longstreet to lead the main attack. Lee decided to attack the Union center on Cemetery Ridge, which he assumed had been diminished of forces due to the previous day’s fighting of the south. Lee reluctantly ordered Longstreet to use General George Pickett’s division of his corps, in…
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