Battle Of Grendel Re-Personal Narrative

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Battle of Grendel Re-Write I was so excited, tonight once again I would feast upon the people in Herot Hall. I journeyed a long way from my cave and when I got there it was quite annoying to see the place guarded more than usual. It upset me so out of anger I ripped the iron door off of the hinges. Then I stormed in growling, ready to eat the food I had traveled so far for. That's when I realized that the hall was silent and filled with many young sleeping soldiers, not one moved. I laughed with evil glee, could my luck get any better? I picked up the one closest to me and devoured him first drinking his blood and then munching him from head to toe. I intended to eat the whole room, but my luck ran out when I arrived to the next soldier. He didn’t appear strong but when I picked him up it turned out he was not sleeping peacefully. Not a thing about this man was peaceful, he was in fact the strongest man I would ever come to know. As I picked him up he twisted in air landing -perfectly balanced - on the ground, holding my arms. He clutched my claws so hard I was finding it hard not to cry. My first instinct was to run, get out before I turned out like my meals. I started to run away hoping to loosen my attackers hands, but he stood firm pulling my arms back.…show more content…
Slowly I sank to the bottom and watched what would be my last bubbles float upwards breaking at the surface. It was then that it dawned on my why the monster had let go of me. I look down and saw that my arm was gone, ripped off by the soldier. I felt no pain as I sat at the bottom of the lake, creatures slowly gathering around me in my last minutes. I saw no grieving in the eyes of the animals around me, just pure delight in my death. It was sad really that I had to die at such a young age. And why I asked myself, because I had left my cave to feast upon a good meal, that is why I was brutally
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