Battle Of Hampton Roads Essay

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The United States Navy has been involved in countless engagements since their creation in October of 1775. During these battles, the need for advance technology and superior leadership became increasing more vital to winning. However, some battles see a greater increase than others do. The Battle of Hampton Roads is one of the paramount battles that lead to the growth of the United States Navy, due to the fact this encounter between the Union and Confederate ironclad ships was unlike any battle that preceded it. On March 9, 1862 after a two-day struggle, the Union Navy left Hampton Roads as the victor due to the impressive leadership of Captain John Worden, advanced naval technology, and frankly just pure luck.
On the morning of March 8, 1862,
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With beating the CSS Virginia in mind and the leaked design plans of the CSS Virginia, much more effort and planning went in the making of the USS Monitor. Swedish engineer John Ericsson was the lead designer of the Union ironclad. It was built from the ground up in just ninety days and was made entirely of iron, giving the vessel a leg up over its opposite. The key design feature that set the USS Monitor apart from the CSS Virginia was the turret that was “twenty-one feet across and eight feet high, the turret was constructed of eight layers of overlapping one-inch iron plate, and it revolved on a spindle… [The guns] were large-caliber guns, and because the turret could revolve, they could be pointed in any direction” (Symonds 101).
Ironclads have never been tested before the Battle of Hampton Roads, so neither side was sure how the effective their ships would be. However, the immense effect the ironclads had on naval battle was evident almost immediately. Rounds no longer tore thorough ships, they bounced off the iron plating causing little to no damage to the vessel. Due to advent of iron plating both sides had to adjust their fighting tactics and weaponry or continue ending battles with neither ship being
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