Battle Of Normandy

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World War II is one of the most historical wars in world history. There were many battles and many horrible acts committed. The Battle of Normandy, A.K.A D-Day, and Attack on Pearl Harbor were two of the many battles turning points.
The Invasion of Normandy took place on Saturday, June 6th,1944 in Western Europe. Dwight D. Eisenhower and Adolf Hitler were leaders of this war. Eisenhower was a Commanding General and Hitler was the leader of Germany. Eisenhower launched an attack along French Coast. German leaders couldn’t believe Allies attacked Normandy. Allied soldiers parachuted behind German line and dropped bombs. The next morning ships approached beaches with men and supplies. They built forces in France and had 90,000 vehicles and 10,000 men with them. Hitler was furious and ordered his troops to join the fight. In August, Allied troops tried to move into the Netherland but the Germans were successful in stopping them. Allied troops won Eindhoven and Nijmegen but the Germans won British ‘Red Devil’ troops at Arnhem.Although the Germans had that successful feat, Allied forces reigned almost all of France.
Soviets were attacking Germany from the East and entered Finland, Poland, and Romania. In July, Soviets soldiers were close to Warsaw. Moscow radio called on the people of Poland to help defeat German occupation forces. The
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It caused the United States enter the war. The first wave attack ends on Oahu, Japan invaded Thailand and Thailand surrenders soon after. Japanese ambassadors message the U.S breaking off negotiations. Japan also attacks the USS Wake. It’s hard to know exactly what would happen if Japan didn’t bomb Hawaii. I think Japan and Soviet Union would have boiled over to the Pacific and we probably would have gone to war anyway since we were providing the Allies beforehand. This is a turning point because this causes America to go to war,get out of the depression and win victory of the

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