Battle Of Normandy Research Paper

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The battle of Normandy, which lasted from June 1944-August 1944, this battle ended Nazi Germany’s control over western Europe. Named Operation Overlord the battle began June 6, 1944, the battle was originally set to start on June 5th but the weather made them wait an extra day. This invasion of was one of the biggest amphibious battles ever. This Invasion required a large amount of planning, General Dwight D. Eisenhower commanded this operation, and plans were made to land in Normandy west of where the Germans troops and artillery were set up.On June 6, 1944 326,000 troops including American, Canadian, and British soldiers landed on 5 different beaches along a 50 mile long stretch of heavily fortified coast in France’s Normandy region, and…show more content…
We heard approaching footsteps so we hid inside some bushes. Later in the day, we ran into heavy German resistance. We heard a German shouting to us. One of our guys translated the German into English; "YOU HAVE THREE MINUTES TO SURRENDER OR WE WILL SWEEP THE DITCH FROM BOTH ENDS, AND THERE WILL BE NO CHANCE OF ANYONE SURVIVING." Lt. Bodak gave the order to surrender, but a few of us slipped through a hedgerow and fled towards a barn. As we entered the barn, three German Soldiers were trying to get out of the same door. We grabbed the German Soldiers and pulled them back inside. We had them as prisoners. While the prisoners were being guarded, I slipped away alone to another part of the barn. I pulled up a loose floorboard and stuffed my package which contained General Falley's command post flag, replaced the floorboard and covered it with straw. With our German prisoners as insurance, we left the barn safely. After travelling a few hundred yards, we came face to face with a German Tank, which fired its big gun at us. A shell exploded just behind our group, wounding many. One of the prisoners although bleeding from his wounds jumped up and waved cease-fire gestures to the tank commander. The insurance paid off, the tank commander decided to take prisoners rather than kill us. After being taken prisoner, we walked several miles to a chateau where there were about 250 prisoners, American, British
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