Battle Of The American Revolution

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The Battle of Yorktown was one of the most significant battles of the American Revolution. Not only was it a major battle that helped end the war but also showed the power of the Continental Army’s field artillery. The battle was a major turning point in establishing the freedom of the United States of America and was the last major battle of the war. The Continental and French forces moved to Yorktown on 28 September 1781, however the first shot was not fired until 9 October of 1781. It was roughly ten days of continuous artillery fire that helped demoralize the British forces, leading to their surrender on 19 October 1781.
The lead up to the Battle of Yorktown started when Lieutenant General Lord William Cornwallis led his army to Yorktown to try and establish a deep sea port for British use. His two year campaign through the south fighting against the likes of General Nathanael Greene and General George Washington took its toll on his forces. He marched his army of 7,000 troops to the harbor town of Yorktown located next to the York River in Virginia. His original mission was to receive reinforcements and supplies, however upon his arrival, General Sir Henry Clinton, the commander-in-chief for the British forces, ordered General Cornwallis to secure the harbor and prepare for extraction by the Royal Navy. General George Washington of the American Forces, who was encamped at Dobbs Ferry, heard about Cornwallis heading to Yorktown while he was assaulting the town
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