Battle Of Verdun In World War 1

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To start The battle of verdun was in World War 1 between the tons of german vs the french holding their position in the trenches along the frontline of germany and france. The battle of verdun was one of the biggest and longest battle in the history of the war and in WW1 also holding the record of the most costly battle of the war. More specific north eastern france where most of the fighting kinda happened to the french also it happened in what the soldiers called no man's land because for the germans to take the french positions they would have to cross where all the bullets would fly and kill you almost instantly It started on february 21st HAving a total of 400000 french casualties and a total of 350000 german casualties. On 7:15 the 21st of february the germans marched their forces to verdun Without warning at 4:45 that day the germans had launched their first infantry assault to try to take the french positions by February 23rd, 2 towns near the french trenchline where now under german control on the 24th the germans tried to advance more but were put on a hult because of french artillery fire.…show more content…
You see the battle was fought in 10 kilos of land wow thats alot right.In total there was a total of 700000 casualties wounded or missing it was also a battle that lasted almost a few months. I’ll be the first to admit the battle of verdun is just that this battle was just plain awful and that it is just plain amazing how many lives two countries would sacrifice for less than 10 kilos of
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