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The Battle of Yorktown Battle of Yorktown 2 One of the most important battles of the Revolutionary War took place on September 28, 1781, in Yorktown, Virginia. The Siege of Yorktown was the last battle in the war against Great Britain. Fought between General George Washington with French aid from General Comte de Rochambeau. With a fleet of over 17,000 French and Continental men against General Lord Charles Cornwallis and his 9,000 British men (The Battle of Yorktown). Washington and Rochambeau decided that a battle in New York would be too difficult to win. They agreed to attack Charles Cornwallis while he and his army were stationed in Yorktown, Virginia. Cornwallis was located on a peninsula on the Chesapeake Bay because, there, he could receive supplies via boat from New York. (Creating America) They were expecting more troops from New York, but they never arrived. The lack of reinforcements was lucky for General Washington and Rochambeau because Cornwallis had a comparatively better army; the battle might not have ended the same if the enemy had more troops. (The British Surrender at Yorktown)
Washington and his troops had to march from New York to Virginia. They began their march on August 19. Washington kept their destination a total secret, sending out fake communications, lying that they were not going to Virginia and that Cornwallis wasn’t in any danger. On September 5, Washington

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