Battle in Seattle

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Hollywood has a way of turning real life events appear dramatically different from the real life experience. They want to show what people want to see rather than what really happened. Violence and sex sell so that’s often what they tell. Hollywood can take a real life event such as the protest in Seattle against the WTO and turn it into a completely different story to make it sell. The movie Battle in Seattle is meant to be a story about the protests against the WTO but it doesn’t exactly tell the truth of how the protest actually happened, yes it does follow the story correctly but it is enhanced to make it more seem more appealing to the general population.
On November 30, 1999 protesters lined up all over the main streets of Seattle
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He had contacted David Solnit, who had helped organize some aspects of the protests such as the art, plays, and puppets used in the streets; to try and think of alternative ways of protesting. Once Solnit had heard he was making a movie he asked for the script to read, and he didn’t agree with much of it. He had written down some changes that he wished to make but Townsend had refused, so “he had contacted other protesters and organized a pressure campaign” (David Solnit, The Battle for Reality, to get Townsend to do so. Although it didn’t get much changed about the script Townsend did make some minor changes. The movie portrays the protesters want for a nonviolent protest greatly, it shows the meetings, and how majority of them don’t want to cause harm, they just want to make their statements made, however, the movie according to Solnit portray the reason the protesters won correctly saying, “the movie implies that the activists won because the police were caught by surprise, were to lenient, and waited too long to use violence and criminal weapons, and to make arrests” (Solnit, The Battle for Reality, There is such a big gap between Hollywood and the reality of things simply because of money. If you’re going to make a movie, you want it to sell, and sex and violence sell. Even though Stuart Townsend followed the protests in Seattle, he had added aspects to make it more appealing to the population. People aren’t going
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