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The following case study will be about the Battle of Antietam that took place on September 17, 1862 in Sharpsburg, Maryland along the Antietam Creek. Known as “…the bloodiest single day in American History,” by the end of the day there would be approximately twenty-three thousand casualties of which forty-five hundred to six thousand were dead. The first topic of discussion will be on the history leading up to the morning of the seventeenth in order to establish the mindset of the commanders on both sides of the creek. After the stage is set for the battle the dialogue will be guided through the three major battles of the day that encompass the Battle of Antietam. Lastly the dissertation will wrap up the Battle of Antietam and focus…show more content…
During this time the Union had taken over the North Carolina sound and major ports along the South Carolina coast to include the Port of Savannah, Georgia. In addition they had seized control of major ports along the east coast of Florida and Fernandina and St Augustine along the west coast of Florida. The control of all these major ports allowed for the effective blockading of the south from outside aid and resupply along with providing a good staging area for attacks against the Confederates.
In the summer of 1862 the Union’s Fifth Corp which was commanded by General McClellan came under attack from General Robert E. Lee. This attack was not foreseen because General McClellan and the Union felt that they were on the offensive against the Confederate army. The attack came on June 26, 1862 at Beaver Dam Creek where McClellan’s Fifth Corps was stationed near Mechanicsville, Virginia. After close to a week of battling the Fifth Corps retreated to Harrison’s Landing located on the James River. General Lee retained the initiative he gained at Beaver Creek Dam and continued to pursue General McClellan. By the third of July General McClellan along with the Army of the Potomac was ordered by Washington to retreat from Harrison’s Landing. The pressure from these actions caused President Lincoln to pull back some of his forces from various areas and reduce the
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