Battle of Britain

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The Luftwaffe Needs Lessons from the Brits: An Investigation of Hitler’s Defeat at the Battle of Britain By: Jake Pilla Global History II 11-28-07 In 1940, German planes flew over Britain in an attempt to take over the country and tear apart the enemy’s alliance. Britain was surprised by this attack, but countered by shooting down at least twenty planes of the Luftwaffe, the Nazi air force, during the initial attack. Hitler sent waves of planes into Britain every day, trying to lower British morale; however, he did not expect Allied forces to send supplies to England. United States and France sent planes to Britain, which were the most important factor of the Battle of Britain. British used the powerful Royal Air Force to…show more content…
After Poland and France were conquered they lost a percentage of their incoming supplies but, nevertheless, the United States sent even more. This allowed production of multiple planes and gave Britain more time to devise plans for a counter attack. The Royal Air Force had superior aircrafts, pilots, and training tactics, compared to the Luftwaffe. The war in Europe started in early September 1939. Germany, Adolf Hitler, took over Poland. Britain and France countered by declaring war on Germany but did not take action for many months. In 1940, Germany attacked its next target, Denmark, and Norway. Soon after they invaded and successfully took over Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. All of these nations were conquered because of the Blitzkrieg or lightning war, technique. In the summer of 1940, Germany took Britain head on, this time from the air. The Battle of Britain turned out to be Hitler’s first military failure, as the Luftwaffe never could destroy the powerful Royal Air Force. Britain was slightly surprise by the attack, but was ready to fight in time. Germany tried to blockade Britain but the powerful Royal Navy sunk German battleships and submarines. If Hitler could have pulled off a blockade “Britain would have been at a huge disadvantage, because they import a huge majority of their supplies. Germany took to the air to
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