Battle of Britain Essay

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Battle of Britain This film is about the Battle of Britain during World War II. It happened in 1940. This movie was made 29 years later in 1969. The Nazis tried to invade Britain. The Royal Air Force of Britain fought a grave battle against the Nazis to prevent the invasion. Most of the fighting was in the air. There were lots of fighting scenes between the German planes and the RAF and their allies. This film is pretty realistic. I thought that the air battles were pretty realistic. For a film that was made in 1969, the special effects of the planes and the fight scenes were pretty fast-paced and accurate. The fight scenes seem more modern as far as special effects than what I would expect from a movie made in 1969.…show more content…
I am not sure whether that is a true reason or not. The viewers' opinions that were included in a handout from a web page were all pretty similar. Most of them liked the fighting scenes with the planes. They liked the authenticity of the planes. But most of them also found the non-battle scenes to be dull and uninteresting. I agree with this view. I thought that the movie was hard to follow. I could not tell the difference between the planes and I did not know who was getting killed. I did not know any of the characters. I liked the fight scenes, but otherwise I did not enjoy this movie. Mrs. Miniver Director: William Wyler Screenwriter: George Froeschel and James Hilton Film Genre: Drama/War Cast: Greer Carson, Richard Ney, Teresa Wright, Walter Pidgeon This was another movie that dealt with the Battle of Britain. It followed the life of the Miniver family during the days leading up to and after the Battle of Britain during World War II. This family was a pretty well off English family. They had a son that had just graduated from Oxford and two other kids. The son joins the RAF. He then gets married to Carol Beldon. Carol was worried about how long she would get to spend with her new husband. She braced herself for his death. In the end, though, she was the one who was shot. I thought that some parts of the film were
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