Essay on Battle of Gen X and Gen Y

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The Battle of Gen X and Gen Y There¡¦s no doubt about it, the newest diversity issue in the workplace is age diversity. Many organizations have finally figured out how to recruit young talent only to watch them drive down a collision course with seasoned employees over issues like work ethic, respect for authority, dress code and every work arrangement imaginable. And they're not sure what to do about it.      With this paper, I decided to take this concept because of the people that I have to work with on a continual basis. They are usually people from the Generation X trying to communicate with Generation Y. Just the other day I heard from someone I am working with, ¡§Those god d*&# young kids don¡¦t want…show more content…
It is this realism and ability to deal with issues rather than ignore them. Most are decent, pragmatic, creative, strongly independent, self-reliant, and hard-working. They have a surprisingly good work ethic - including a strong sense of company loyalty, as long as it's reciprocal - and we want to get ahead, even though we aren't as concerned with the trappings of "success" as earlier generations were. However, they are very concerned with financial and emotional security, and hopeful that the future will be good to us, but shockingly realistic and honest about the struggles that they are going to face in a rapidly changing world of diminishing resources. On the downside of the two generations, a lot of the Generation X¡¦ers will butt heads with their younger counterparts. The old fashioned way of communicating via personal phone is being replaced with an e-mail or cell phone. Technology is ok but Gen Y is proficient and not afraid to use it, and this kind of attitude demands change where as the Gen X just accepts it. Also, when it comes to employer loyalty, if the Gen Y doesn¡¦t get their Saturday off they will quit; whereas the Gen X thinks if I do this it could give me a promotion. The battle lines are clearly drawn in the line of attitude and influences of the age diversity of this group. So after drawing the battle lines between the two generations, I sat back and
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