Battle of Ideals: USA and the Borderlands

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U.S.A and the Borderlands. There has been tons of contentions and conflicts in the second largest country in europe and while the news presents us all these ideas about what going there, the truth, as it always is, is much more complex. The recent turmoil in the Ukraine has brought up a lot of issues remembered in the cold war. Russia Annexing the crimean peninsula from the Ukraine scaring western powers, specifically the United States, into the old policy of Soviet containment and using any means to put negatives towards the “eastern block” preventing the spread of its influence. Although the United States and it NATO/European Union current policy’s towards the eastern block have attempted to contain this strong autocratic style of…show more content…
Its quite debated, but many historians agree that the Cold War started in 1947, a couple years after the second world war. The president of the time was Harry S. Truman, and he had quite the challenge on his plate. As 1947 rolled on in, Truman's advisors were pushing for actions to counter the ever growing influence of the Soviet Union. During the mass confusion and chaos after the war, Stalin had been attempting to undercut the U.S. by supporting rivalries between different capitalist country and possibly causing more conflict. Truman eventually gave in, after the British government announced in February 1947 that it could no longer support a Greek monarchical military regime in its civil war with communist led insurgents, and pronounced that that the U.S. would adopt the idea containment (of communism) and pulled the democratic curtain revealing the Truman Doctrine5. Both of these polices set the conflict as a competition between free people and autocratic regimes6. The Soviet Union and its ways were a threat to western ideals and thus should be prevented by any means wether they be diplomatic or militaristic. The Marshall Plan was one diplomatic attempts that the U.S. made prescribed from the Truman Doctrine. The plan was a pledge promising to provide economic assistance to any European country wanting to participate. Its goal was to rebuild and solidify the economic and democratic systems of the European
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