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Battle of Saratoga During the time of the American Revolution, there were many battles that took place and affected the Revolution. One battle though, made a huge impact on the American Revolution. The Battle of Saratoga proved that the disadvantaged and weaker American forces were strong enough to overpower the British forces. It all started when General John Burgoyne needed to get his forces to Albany. He and his army headed across the Hudson River, where they would then take a road south-ward to Albany. Burgoyne knew the enemy (American forces) were in the area, but he did not know of their exact location. Leading to the Battles of Bemis Heights and Freeman's Farm, the Battle of Saratoga became known as a highly significant battle…show more content…
Freeman was a Loyalist who had earlier left for Canada. After about three hours of battle, the Americans ran out of ammunition, making them have to retreat. The British then claimed victory at Freeman's Farm. Freeman's Farm was located on the west side bank of the Hudson River. It was right near Bemis Heights, making it easy for people to build fortifications in the woods and high outcroppings. It was located a few miles away from Burgoyne's destination of Albany. It was a perfect location for an army to fight and keep themselves in somewhat of an alright sanctuary. During the Battle, both sides used different tactics and strategies. Burgoyne decided to go with a risky strategy of dividing his army into three columns, two towards Bemis Heights and one to follow the road that paralleled the Hudson. The American forces (led by Horatio Gates and Benedict Arnold) placed expert riflemen (led by Daniel Morgan) in charge of taking out the left flank of the British (led by Simon Frasier). This strategy worked well for the Americans, of course until they ran out of ammunition. The battle (of Freeman's Farm) was officially ended when Burgoyne heard word from Sir Henry Clinton. Clinton was getting ready to leave New York City and come assist Burgoyne with the continuous battles. So, he told Burgoyne to hold back and wait for him to get there before he attacked the Americans again. Burgoyne gave up his plan for attack
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