Battle of Sari Bair

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B (Sari Bair) Company The Battle of Sari Bair – August 1915 Presented By Maj S S Burton Officer Commanding B (Sair Bair) Company 2011 - 2013 The Battle of Sari Bair, also known as the August Offensive, was the final attempt made by the British in August 1915 to seize control of the Gallipoli peninsula from the Ottoman Empire during the First World War. The Battle of Gallipoli had raged on two fronts, Anzac and Helles, for three months since the invasion of 25 April 1915. With the Anzac landing a tense stalemate, the Allies had attempted to carry the offensive on the Helles battlefield at enormous cost for little gain. In August, the British command proposed a new operation to reinvigorate the…show more content…
The following extract is from General Sir Ian Hamilton’s despatch , dated December 11th, 1915: “And now, under that fine leader Major C. Allanson, the 6th Gurkhas, of the 29th Indian Infantry Brigade, pressed up the sloped of Sari Bair, crowned the heights of the col between Chunak Bair and Hill Q. Not only did this Battalion reach the crest, but they began to attack down the far side of it, firing as they went at the fast retreating enemy.” At the top of the ridge the Turks were met. Le Marchant fell, a bayonet through his heart. Major Allanson was also wounded by a bayonet thrust in the thigh. For ten minutes hand-to-hand fighting of he most bitter character ensued, bayonets, rifles and pistols, used as clubs, and fists. The Turks turned and fled. The key of the whole Peninsula was in the hand of the Battalion. Below could be seen the Straits, motors and wheeled transport on the roads leading to Achi Baba. Looking round, the Commanding Officer saw that the Battalion was not being supported. He therefore ordered the Battalion to pursue the retreating Turks down the eastern slopes of Sari Bair. The total casualties for the three day’s fighting amounted to 204 all ranks: Killed Wounded Total British Officers: 3 3 6 Gurkha Officers: - 3 3 Gurkha Other Ranks: 42 153 195 Total: 45 159 204 The psychological moment had arrived. Much depended on what happened within
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