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Jessica Ferguson July 22nd,2012 The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie 1. What does Arnold mean when he says, “I think the world is a series of broken dams and floods and my cartoons are tiny little lifeboats.”? What Arnold meant by the above quote was that he sees the worlds as broken dams and floods that represent the death, chaos and poverty around him. Everything around him is broken and damaged like his glasses. At the age of fourteen he has already been to forty-two funerals and experienced a lot of life’s hardships. The lifeboats represent his cartoons which he sees as his way out the reservation and a way for him to make it in the world. 2. How did Rowdy react when he found out that Arnold…show more content…
In a way I have dream like Arnold, I want to be a doctor it may seem impossible but I know I have to work hard to get there. 6. Describe the positive and negative sides of Arnold’s personality. Arnold has a positive and a negative personality. In some ways he is more negative than positive because of his circumstances. This includes living on the reservation and growing up in poverty. He is also negative when it comes to his physical appearance which includes his disability, speech problem, and his crooked glasses. All of this negativity impacts Arnold’s personality which leads him to be bullied and teased. All he see’s is death and destruction. This leads to the positive side of Arnold’s personality. He is positive when it comes to his cartoons because that is his way out of the reservation, and his ambition to make something better of his self. He surprised himself and everyone when he made the basketball team at Reardan because he is not in a very negative surrounding. When Arnold went to Reardan his personality became more positive and now he has a brighter outlook that leads to more friends. Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt 3. Book vs. Movie Essay In a short essay, compare the book to its movie version. Demonstrate at least three points of comparison to the movie. For example, address the following: Did the movie do justice to the

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