Battle of the Bulge

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The battle of the bulge The battle of the bulge was Hitler's last chance to win the war or at least make the allies go for a treaty. He did this because his forces were being pushed back into Germany and soon they would run out of supplies and other resources for war. Hitler thought of this bold plain when he recalled how a German hero Frederick the great was facing defeat, Frederick went on a offensive attack at his foe who had superior numbers but the bold moved worked and Hitler thought he could do the same thing. The Battle of the bulge took place on December sixteenth 1944. More than a million men participated in this battle including some 600,000 Germans, 500,000 Americans, and 55,000 British which made it one of the biggest…show more content…
There would be three armies the 15th Army in the North, 7th Army in the South and the main push by Sepp Dietrich's 6th and Von Manteuffel's 7th Panzer Divisions in the center! Specially trained German soldiers who spoke English fluently were infiltrated behind the Allied lines wearing American uniforms with orders to disrupt the deployment of Allied units and prepare the way for the German advance. The crucial problem for the German was their lack of fuel and the whole 'adventure' depended on their initial thrust capturing the allied supplies. Without a supply of fuel they where sitting ducks but only if they ever ran out. Hitler's last attack had to work or he would be defeated. The plan was to march 85 miles from Southern Belgium to Luxembourg and attack the allies by surprise. The Germans would attack during the Christmas season in the Ardennes Forest, an area where there were only a few allied solders. The invasion was designed to split the American and British armies in half. However it did not succeed the allied lines bent but never split like the Germans hoped. At the beginning of the battle Hitler had fighter jets fly over his troops which sent his troops fired up for the fight now they could see Hitler did have the wonder weapons he said he had. With this battle happening the Germans did one of the most worst things, as some Americans surrendered the Germans would shoot them

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