Battleground America by Jill Lepore

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"Battleground America," written by Jill Lepore, provides a strong history of guns and the way they have changed in the eyes of the American through the years. She proves her point with strong evidence throughout her article, sprinkling it with opinion and argument that is strongly supported. She presents her argument to convince her audience that the open availability of guns allows citizens to undeservingly purchase them by displaying the credibility in her sources, using negative connotations in her speech, and the strength and objectivity only a strong logos appeal can provide.
In this study, Lepore addresses how the second amendment is been changed throughout history by major capitalist corporations such as the National Rifle
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Lepore's goal is to persuade her readers to think negatively about gun distribution, as well as oppose the N.R.A. She suggests this by using negative connotation in her speech with words such as "trauma", "lockdown", "begged", etc., in her reference to those who misuse guns. She also quotes interviews and conversations with N.R.A executives, gun experts and instructors, and even political figures.
In her article, Lepore establishes her credibility by presenting her personal experience with guns and the negative effects they can have. Her credibility is strengthened even more because of her stature as a professor at Harvard. She inputs more sources in her article, such as her firing range experience and her interviews with gun experts and executives from the N.R.A. The sources Lepore selects to back up her article and lead people to thinking what she is stating about gun companies and the way they weaken the amendment are true without aggressively attacking them. Throughout her article, Lepore mentions many past events where guns are put into the hands of the wrong people. Through these events, she argues that not everyone should own a gun by once again providing historical and personal evidence. The stories the author chose to use in her article also grab much attention from her audience since the people in the stories are kids or are similar to the readers themselves-parents and citizens trying to better themselves and raise a family.
Although the provided sources
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