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Imagine having to leave your home, or worse, being killed, because two people you hardly know are fighting over a gem right now. Would you like it? Events like these take place nearly every single day in countries such as Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Sierra Leone. What is the gem that they are fighting over? Diamonds. These diamonds, known to many as blood diamonds, conflict diamonds, and war diamonds are what fill the coffers of the warlords and rebel forces of the countries listed above. The money that is derived from the sale of these diamonds is linked to civil war, genocide, and terrorism. To stop the atrocious acts mentioned before, I propose that more needs to be done to stop the flow of blood diamonds in…show more content…
Although there are no firm estimates of how many diamonds are in circulation, to put these numbers into perspective, one out of 25 diamonds to three out of 20 diamonds will trace back to an illegal source. However many of the diamonds that are mined today are claimed to be conflict free. De Beers, the largest producer of diamonds in the world, states on its website that “more than 99% (99.8%) of the world’s diamonds are certified conflict free” (FAQs). This statement from the De Beers Company shows that there is progress being made however there is still a gap in the industry for which conflict diamonds may sneak through. Although miniscule amounts of blood diamonds are being traded today, they still pose a threat to the world if any rogue nation decides to begin buying blood diamonds thus filling the coffers of the warlords and perpetuating the violence that already plagues countries like Sierra Leone. However, not everything is negative when it comes to blood diamonds; there is still some benefit that has surfaced in the diamond mining regions of Sierra Leone. In 2008 ABC World News released a video about the environmental regeneration programs that are being carried out in Sierra Leone. At the time Daniel Gbondo, a Sierra Leonean featured in the ABC World News video, was the head field organizer for the Foundation for Environmental Security and Safety (FESS). In the video Gbondo recounts his first experience with environmental destruction was when one of

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